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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My phone's been quiet since you've been gone .

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Hi there :D
I'm feeling kinda , good today ! Ahaha , yesyes ! Gooooood ;D Hmm , why ? I'm not sure as well . Going to my cousin's house tmr ! Wheeee ;) not gonna be so boredddd anymore .
Hmm , thinking of planning to find a day to go MZ's house together with JiWen the lousy , CP , MZ (ofcourse) , my sister , andd obviously me :D HAHA. Will find the time then , 'cause I totally haven't touched my hwk at all D; oh nooo !

So , today , went to restraighten my hair again . Gonna do highlights again maybe this Saturday before the gathering with my dad and uncle's close friends , can see CJW and pinch himm :D Ahah . And gonna try to make it for service this Saturday evening as well . It's been so long since I last saw my cg members D; I miss them , especially Jolene Lew . Wanna kacau her when I see her . Hmm , also , definately going to this Friday's cg meeting !!! :D :D Excited to see Ian Lee preach !! Heh . And uhh , well , guess that's all . Ciao people! :)