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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Just strike a pose .

But loving you was the only medicine I needed to keep my soul alive . Without it , I'm like a drug addict looking for my drugs .

Hello there :)
Third day of School :
I died during my two hours of Physics & I soo did not pay attention in my one hour of AddMaths class .
Okay, overall , I died in school today . I slept at 5:15am this morning and wokeup at 8am ! What do you expect ? It ain't my fault that I couldn't sleep right ? I really wanted to sleep but can't ! Aiks :/ this is getting scary. Sigh . Well , also , alot of things have been going on in mind lately , so many that I've lost count and some that I'm too scared t even think about it or when I sleep I'll dream about it and it'll come true . I don't want that to happen ! :(

Ahh, well, what's done is done . Can't do anything about it except for to hope for the best!

bby, whatever that happened today, I don't care who started it, all I know is that, iloveyou, and i'm not giving up that easily yet!