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Monday, June 7, 2010

I've made up my mind :)

Somewhere far away , across the ocean , there's you I see; sending your endless love to me .

I shall smile like you didn't exist ,
Laugh like there's no tomorrow ,
and pretend I'm moving on fine without you .

Hello all (:

What a nice beautiful bright day , to write in my web journal . Haha ! :D

Well , nothing much today I guess . Had my piano lesson this morning around 1145am , then I came to my U4 house . And so , right now , sitting over here , being lifeless on Facebook and Blogger . Then Youtube. EHEHEHE ;D

Hmm , I heard this song on Sunday while listening to Xiang & My Bei Lii practicing for their audition duet (;

It's called White Wishes by BoA :D Ouhh , gosh ! Do I love her songs and dancing soo much ! (L)

Ishhh >:( I'm so lifeless lahh . Nothing to talk about or nothing to post about 'cause my fun in the holidays haven't started yet ! ); Noooo !! It better start soon ! I'm bored at home alone , my sister's off to some camp with her classmates and my school for a week ! D; Ohhh mann ! I'm dying alone at home lahh , it's so boring 'cause I can't tease her or anything . I feel soo , uhh, lonely O___O GOSH! Aihsehh :/ well , i'ma plan something fun to do then !

Okay , things to do and tell my dad :

1. My outing this Thursday with CJW :D

2. Gonna plan a trip to Genting soon with the usuals from 4B :)

3. My dad's friend's gathering on the 19th of June :D Ooh yes ! Wine ! How I longed for it ;)

4. Audition practice at the twins' house this Friday night with Xiang :D

5. Outing with my primary school friends ;)

6. Talk to him , I need to .

7. Set things straight in my life once and for all ! No more , weeping for him to get back with me .

The last thing for me to do , was, because , on Sunday night I finally made up my mind and decided who I really loved all this while . And , it turns out to be , him . The one who's been there for me all along , the one who made me smile when I didn't want talk , the one who cared for me when I had so many things going on inside of me, the one who talked to me when I was lonely, the one who was patient enough to teach me bball , the one who cheered me up when I was down , the one who stood up for me when something went wrong , the one who accmpanied me throughout this whole journey I've been through . :) He is , not the tallest guy , but , he is , the sweetest I've ever met . I've made up my mind . To finally tell him soon enough ;D

Alright! :D That's all people ! Seeyouuuu ;)