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Sunday, June 6, 2010

It's a whole new start ! :)

Hello :)
Yes , Megann Ho , has once again , restarted a new blog and started being active in one already. Okay , so short post with nice pictures ;)
Found all these pictures in my DSLR , but there are more but I can't upload em now. 'Cause photobucket is being a bitch -.- soyeah , enjoy for now . Byee ! :D

Wow , amazingg of how Min Tong can sit man -.-
Haha! Yong's face expression . Funny :D
Watch , the G - Man , with his "incredulous" hat .
Hanson : OI ! Useless lahh both of you !
HY & ZW : Sorry boss! D;
Alright people , pictures below are NOT subjected to any sexual scenes. Just awesome people doing crazy stuff ! :D

Might be the picture of the day ! :)

Although , everything else around seemed to have moved on , I seemed to have start to smile more; but, I don't feel happy at all . Something's missing .