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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I'm on my way already , just wait for awhile more will you ?

I'm on my way to happiness soon enough , with you here by my side , it's enough .

Omgosh , sweat ! D;

Hmm , cousin brother didn't wanna camwhore with me , so I guess I was solo . Haih T.T

Run baby run , don't ever look back .
They'll tear us apart , if you , give them the chance .

Hey there :)

Hmm , well , went out justnow to the nearest Shell station to get some snacks while my sister and my cousin Ling stayed home like a watch dog :D Me and my cousin brother walked out and got ourselves some good stuff to eat and drink ! Wheee ;) & we shall charge them extra tax ! HEHEHE >:) That's what you get for being lazy ! Hmm , and uhh , while on the way there , I wanted to take some pictures with my cousin bro but , haih , failed , he was camera shy . T.T

But still , I got to take some pictures of him running away ! :D HAHA. Yeeeah , it was fun and all walking out and laughing :):) mm , yes it is . Now , sitting here , eating my snacks , drinking my coke . Better finish up here before my sister finishes up my chips ! Oh nooo ! D;

Alright ! Done ! Ciao people ! Have a nice day! :D