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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

If I dyed my hair blond , would you still recognise me ?

Helloooo all :)
I is baccck , home an hour ago from school . Spent a total , uhm , 13 hours in school exactly ! HAHAHAHA. Well , reason why is 'cause, every Tuesday is like this . After school, would be AddMaths tuition at 8pm , so before tuition , me and my friends would go out and eat our early dinner ! :D Hmm, I'm starting to like the dry black sauce panmee now, and I've been eating it ever since I liked it ! :) Wheee ! Deliciously satisfying , om nom nom ....
Well, alright, let's see, neh, nothing much happened today I guess .

Second day of School :
Fair enough :/

Mm, lastnight, I slept superr early. 10pm I already died on the bed without notice ! D: WOW. I didn't even bath yet -.- how awful. Then wokeup at 8:22am to get ready for school and yeah . Hmm, I think I'm gonna sleep late again tonight, I've not much to do anyway, soyeah, why not ? Since lastnight I slept early, got the energy to read and finish up my summary and Tree poem theme ! :) Alright, done , ciao people !

I've done my part, my very best to keep my distance with you close; but have you ?