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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I wanna sing you a song , a love lullaby :)

You stay a little while , and touch me with your smile .

Hello all :)
It's been awhile , I know . And i'm uploading all the pictures from Sunday as promised . Have to resized all of them as well :( sigh . Then I've got my english summary , tree poem , and the highwayman newspaper article . To top all that , I've got addmaths exercises to complete from school ! :( Nooo ! I'm so lazy , but yet , I still have to do it . :/
Oh wells , I guess I'll have to finish up everything tonight ! If I can concentrate , well , I ain't gonna have any phone calls or gonna be busy with texts , soyeah , no reason for me to not finish up :P HAHA. Mm, yes, THE BIG SLEEPOVER IS THIS FRIDAY NIGHT ! WOOOOHOOOOO ;D CAN'T WAIT ! SUPERR EXCITED YOO ! :D OH YES ! x) And then church this Saturday evening with my beloved cell group , then tmr night is cell meeting at Ridzuan , Leo's place :) oh yes yes ! My week is packed filled with fun ! Yaaaay! I've never felt so happy in my entire life !
Oh , and I just noticed that lately whatever I do is all based on church . O: and church is making my days , weeks and months exciting and loved ! :D

Alright , done , & I'm out!
Ciao people! :)