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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Oh baby , baby .

I wanna hold his hand tightly , squeeze it and never let it go . To let him know , how much I love him .

Omgosh , bored bored bored . Nothing to do at all man ! D; I die already ! BUT ! I'm going out tmr ! Wheee ;D Shalini's birthday is tmr ! Ahaha :D and I shall goo , hmm , maybe invite Patrick along aswell . For the fun of it . Heh . He said he hasn't seen me in a long time already , so whynot yeah ? ;) Shall msn or text him tonight ! I'm feeling better and better each day ! Excited that my ex-form5 boyfie lastyear is still my friend , andd , his gonna bring me out to The Curve or more like , every weekend after he gets his license! Wheee , yesyes , I love you Kai ! :D Thankyouu for bringing me out ;) Mm , whatelse , ohyes , I'm watching Ah Long PTE LTD while blogging now at my cousin's place . Overall , done . Ciao people! :D

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