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Monday, June 28, 2010

I used to write your name , and put it in a frame .

The last days of my life , shall be spent happily before I find out the results later on . And therefore , I wanna live my life , a beautiful miracle , with or without you .

We look superbly happy , 'cause we are superbly happy! :)
Had cell group outing yesterday on Sunday . Supposed to wakeup at 6am but my alarm somehow died on me :( But luckily, Dicvinn called me! His call was my alarm , HAHA. 'Cause also he was picking me up from my house to Weishen's , soyeah . And he had to fetch Weimund as well , and HER alarm died on her aswell ! Yaaaay! I'm not the only one :) Well , so he ended up fetching Weimund first then came back to fetch me . Ish >:( I felt so bad , he had to take another BIG round all the way back to my house . Sigh . Oh wells , next time , Megann , sleep earlier and make sure that your alarm is on and not dead !
I couldn't really wakeup 'cause I slept later the night before . I was targetting to sleep at 2am , but failed miserably ! So I ended up sleeping at 4smth . And the also resulted to not being able to wakeup at 6am :(

Well , here's a lil sneak peak of what our outing was like :)
Not gonna say where or what we did , but just gonna let you guys see this couple of pictures . Alright , seeyou in the next post ! Ciao people ! :)