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Saturday, June 19, 2010

I see the best about me inside your eyes .

Am I, really that shameful to you to be shown to others by you ?
It wasn't, like this before .
I hope it wears off , soon .
Before it's too late, and before everything starts to fall apart again .
Because, losing you, is one of my greatest fears .
At a time when you were gone, pieces of me fell apart .
I had nobody to look to , to look for comfort or for a shoulder to cry on .

Hello all :)
Goooood afternoon ! First of all , HAPPY FATHER'S DAY TO ALL SUPERDAD'S OUT THERE ! Hope that you guys had a great time with your dad , like I did . ( I guess ) Well, it was a lil different I suppose, not much lecture and more smiles and laughter than the usual in the week before . *winks* HAHA. Yeah (Y)
Alright, soyeah, I slept at 5smth this morning I think. Mm, I'ma die soon 'cause I really have insomnia already, it's confirmed ! ;( Noooo ! D: Please, I don't want eyebags anymore T.T
Wokeup at 8:20am this morning and got ready for church, and yeaah, dad went :) Well overall, today was great ;) anddd, having piano later . Aihh, replaement for ytd morning's one :(
Ciao people! :D
But, is that all enough ?
Just to look at me and smile , is that enough for you ?
Well, it's not for me . I don't want just looking at me and smiling anymore , I want you to hold me in your arms once again; and tell me that you wouldn't let me go no matter what happens .