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Friday, June 25, 2010

I really thought that we could work out .

I really thought that, after we got back, we could actually make this work .
We actually fine on the first couple of days, but then later on, your conscious mind somehow got to you, and you didn't want to forgive me anymore .
I tried .
I begged .
I cried .
I screamed out loud .
I hide my hurt .
I smile as if I've always been the happiest girl alive .
I laugh like there's no tomorrow so others wouldn't see the pain which I've stored in my eyes .

I didn't want to spend my last days with you like this . Getting hurt and crying . No ! That's not how I wanted it ! I wanted this to work out 'cause I had a good feeling about it when we got back again . But no , you just had to have a stubborn mind about what happened and put it into a big fuss . I'm still wondering , if at that time when you lied to me , why could I forgive you but this time , you couldn't forgive me ? WHY ?

My heart hurts . It hurts physically aswell . I just found out why already . You cheated on me . You were with another younger girl ! You think I was that stupid to just believe you like that ? Don't underestimate a girl to find out things you're hiding from her !
Exactly , and I've just got cheated ! by you ! When you said you didn't love any other than me . You said you would be loyal . I stayed as loyal as I could . Unlike you !