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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I miss your sweet kisses and warm hugs .

When I see you with her , I get jealous . My heart is filled with hatred and coldness . It's like I'm living on this earth to watch my most loved one be with others and laugh and pretend like there's nothing wrong , and like everything's fine. You pretend not to know me , you pretend like I never existed in your life. You tell me you love me but treat like crap. You tell me you never regretted loving or being with me , but still in the end , you end up hurting me and killing my hopes when their held high . You've really have no idea how much I love and miss you don't you ? All I could ever think about is you when I go back to where we started , where we first loved each other . Do you know that it hurts ? Do you know that it sucks being the victim and watching you flee by my every second and moment in life after we've ended , when we could've been together more often and laugh happily with each other ? Do you know bloody well know any of that ?! Nope , don't suppose you know . You're too oblivious to the world around you and all you can do is hurt me ; how nice of you to do that . I don't even know whether it's still worth for me to tell you 'I Love You' anymore . I wanna save it up for someone else who I think would be the one for me but , no , I can't . Somehow my heart only accepts you and only wants you . You're the exception in my life right now . That's all I can say then .
Goodbye my love.
Xx , Megann .