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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I hope that doesn't happen .

How I wish that I could turn back time , and tell you how much I love you . So that you wouldn't doubt my love for you only now .

It's late . Very late .
4:40am , and I'm still wide awake .
I'm afraid .
I can't sleep .
I haven't been talking to you much .
You haven't been online for some time .
You aren't replying my texts except for the last few nights .
But when you do , you're so cold .
It's like , tho I'm your girlfriend , you still treat me so coldly .
I really , don't want this fall back .
No baby , no more , we'll have to talk this out sooner or later whether you like it or not .
I don't wanna be shattered again .
I don't want my heart to blank out and my mind to space out again like the last time .
I really want us to work out .
iloveyou , boy .