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Friday, June 18, 2010

I don't have to cry anymore, 'cause I know you'll be there .

A girl's heart is fragile, like frail glass . Once you've broke it, not even a glue gun is able to piece back the fine details of it .

Hey there :)
Gonna be a short post 'cause I'ma sleep soon . Hmm, soyeah, got me pictures from Thursday's outing and still waiting for more , haha.
Mm, so anyway, I went out AGAIN today, AGAIN to SP, BUT, with Brandon :) he invited me, so whynot right ? Well, it should be quite obvious by now. I've no more lovers or whatsoever anymore, it's 'cause I have "him" back to me. His the only one I need and wanted all along, no other . So, guess that's all for tonight I guess ? Gotta wake up early tmr 'cause I've CG , SLEEEP NOW MEGANN :D
Ciao people ! :)
Meet Janin, he's the guy he carried my bag for me on Thursday, how sweet :) HAHA.
Meet Kavita, Shalini, Me, && Raveena :D
Aww, Raveena didn't look ):
Meet Sathish . :)

& last but not least, meet Dhana :)