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Monday, June 14, 2010

How fustrating .

Bad bad news !
  1. Blogger is being a bitch and isn't allowing me to upload any photos . How awful T.T
  2. I've been having stomach cramps and aches since idk when , and feel like puking everytime after I eat or usually before I eat . How even awful .
  3. My msn is being a bitch as well . Ain't allowing me to talk to my friends 'cause my messages can't be delievered to all recipients . How even more so awful D;
  4. I'm confused , with everything basically .
  5. I hope 'you' can make up your mind . It's so , fustrating just sitting here and looking at you thinking that there's forever to wait for . ( Pfft. Yeah , maybe in your dreams . )
  6. Does he or does he NOT , have a girlfriend ? He's confusing me , seriously .
  7. Ahh , Facebook . Sucha bore rightnow .

Alright! I'm in a bad mood right now . Though I really had the mood to blog , blogger didn't allow me to upload photos . Aihh . How saddening ;( shall bang wall then . Shall update maybe later or tmr , when blogger isn't in a PMS mood . Ciao people! :)

You ffk-ed me this morning , how awful . I was really looking forward to know what you would do .