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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fish you :)

Hi :)
I've something to say here .
'Cause , I feel so damnn angry now .
Why ?
'Cause , he flirts .
After that day , he still flirts .
And he says I flirt .
Okay , fine .
Nevermind .
Two can play at that game .

Go and flirt lah .
I don't have feelings isit ?
I'ma girl for goodness sake! Not a balles guy like you !
Yeah , fish you !
And you say that me spending time with him hurt you .
Oh blablabla .....
You suck at telling lies!
You said you didn't talk to her anymore , but I found out that youa ctually STILL talk to her !
What a faggot !
You fag !
HAH, and you said I'm the liar when you're the BIG , GIGANTIC LIAR !
And this point , you would say, 'tq tq .'
When you say you love someone , you mean it .
Not say it and then flirt behind their backs and lie to them in the face when you know they'll find out sooner or later !
Seriously , you wanna treat me cold , I'll treat you cold !
Now , if you still love me , YOU WORK THIS OUT !
you fcukedup asshole.