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Monday, June 7, 2010

But I can't fall , if you won't catch me .

I can't help but fall into your arms all over again after so long, what is it about you that attracts me to you so much ?

Hello all (:
I know, I restarted another blog. Yes , well , I did this cos , I was simply kinda getting bored with Facebook already. Tho it's fun to comment and tag people , I admit :) HAHA! Still, well, gonna get back on my writing skills and updating my bloggie thenn :D
It's the holidays , get yourself , roll over , and start writinggg ! ;D that's what I'm doing! Lying on my bed, and updating this little journal of mine .

Okay, so lately, most of you know that I've lost a relationship with Brandon. Well , those in his school will definately know. Especially Zheng Yang who knows the most ! :) Heh. Most trusted friend in SMK SJ school. Those in my school, yep, they know alright. FINE. THE WHOLE WORLD KNOWS ! D; Uhm, well, when people ask why we brokeup, all I could say was, idk. Because, I seriously don't know why ! ); It's sad to say that, I thought we could actually last longer than this, but I guess I didn't try hard enough to change my ruthless attitude of being bitchy I guess . But, I will miss him. So muchh . D;

People, do have to move on, in some way. And , I am, surprisingly, after idk how long. Lastnight, after lying in bed for idk how many hours, at 5:20am , I finally figured out that, I love another person. And it's NOT suddenly, it's, rethinking and rethinking whether I really like that guy or is it just good friends like. Mana tahu turned out to be, really like. :/

Hmm, well, guess that's all :D G'night blog authors !