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Monday, June 21, 2010

説好的幸福呢 ?

Mm, yes, the pictures were taken not too long ago this year . W17 + W25 cell outing to Broga Hills ! :D Ohgosh , I would never forget that very day ! Haha , reason why I post these two pictures up is 'cause , I miss my ex-cell group leader ! D; Andrew Lau . Mm , and Leo as well . Both of them aren't in our cell groups anymore . First is 'cause we've multiplied into 3 CGs. W17, W25 & W57 :D I'm in W57 together with Jolene, Jessica, Dicvinn, Georgy, Weimund and Ian Lee ;D Yep. Ian Lee's our new cg leader for W57 !! :D

First day of school ,
Blame insomnias that I've recently got it during the holidays ;(
I practically slept in class today after the first few morning classes . :/

If you want something done right , you gotta do it yourself .