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Monday, June 14, 2010

Be my guiding star , will you ?

You already have a girlfriend , but you're still looking for me . Get over yourself . It's either you have one or you don't .

Why , hello there :) See the pictures above ? Yeah, haha, I took out my La Corda D'oro DVD to watch last friday . Mm , finished it like an hour ago I think ? Yeah :) it was a good choice ! I was bored , soyeah . I enjoyed it definately , filled my Friday home alone and today home alone again :D I love this anime so much , especially the five pretty guys ;) heh . Hmm , well , anyway , my holidays overall were .. drop dead boring . I think I died on the first day of holidays . Oh God help meeee D;

I so seriously gotta plan something to do before I really die . Hmm , might be thinking of going KK tmr to celebrate G's birthday , no ? ;) Waiting for Yong's reply . HEHEHE >:) On Saturday, went to SS15 for the audition and later on, around 2, we went to SP and watched The Killers ! :D Wooh (Y) it's my second time watching it ! Gonna watch it another time ;D super awesome movie ;) Then yeah , yumcha , walk walk , hang gai , then ciao home . Dinner at my cousin's place . And back home . Thts all for today then ! :)

Seeyouuu ;D