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Saturday, June 19, 2010

And it can all, be found right there, in your heart .

Yes darling, you were my baby .
Tho you're not here with me now, you're still my baby .
Tho you're different than before , you're still my baby .
Tho you don't call me by my special name thaat often , you're still my baby .
When everything else goes wrong , I shall stand by you , to remind that I love you tho you're far from me .

Mm, I see, so.. Holidays are gonna by tonight eh ? Sighh.. Whylah end so fast ? Two weeks of holidays are like, two days of holidays -.- it's soo not fun at all ! This sucks D;
Well, I don't think that I can sleep tonight again I guess :( how awful .
Pictures below are from lastnight's dinner, still more to go, just waiting for my cousin to upload it herself ! Dammit, she's one lazy girl :P HAH, kidding. ( Don't get mad when you see this Ling, you know I love you :) my lesbo cousin )

But, your kiss and touch would be different by now.
The way you talk, is different as well .
I don't wanna lose you anymore , so , I'ma try my best to give in more this time and try to make things between me and you closer .
If you ask why, it's 'cause, you're important to me. So very important, not only do I love you, but I longed for you all this time .
Atleast please , help me out by trying to be closer to me and not distant yourself from me . I'm very scared , and worried , that you might be sometimes be , idk , maybe lying ? Or having another girlf ? Idk what it is , but , I hope it isn't any of those , and that you really love me.
'Cause I do, love you very much boy .