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Friday, June 18, 2010

Although everything's fine now, I still can't help but weep a little when you don't look for me .

I love you . That's all I know . & all I ever wanna know . But, do you , feel the same as me tho you're back again ?

Hmm, holidays are ending, so now, I shall, go back to sad mood and weep about what happened or what's going on inside my mind right now then. I'm too boredd ):

Alright, so, I'm supposed to be happy now right ? I'm supposed to be jumping up and down and screaming to everybody that his back right ? I'm supposed to be texting him and trying to call him or him calling me rightnow right ? Am I ? 'Cause, if it is, then I don't feel like that at all .

It's like, I mean, I know that I should be happy, but seriously something is really really bugging me. I can't think straight. Or when I think of how we are together I just wanna burst into tears. Idk why, it's just that, tho we're together, I feel so far from him. It's like, idk him anymore. But, now, since I have the chance to talk to him as much as possible, then, well, I guess I'ma try to talk to him. To tell him what's going on with me, or us. 'Cause, well, I don't feel quite thrilled about anything. I missed him, yes. I love him, yes. But, when I talk to him, I feel scared or awkward. He wants me to tell him everything that I'm hiding from him last time, and he still does. I used to be able to, but not all. Just some, because after that, I feel like I'm troubling him or something; that's why. :/ but, I can tell it tk, almost about everything and still not feel silly. And I'm not saying that my boyf isn't a good listener or anything but, I just don't feel like wanting him to feel sad for me or anything 'cause , he's always so happy. Don't wanna spoil his mood I guess . Mm, well, gonna talk to him about everything tonight I guess .

G'night. Ciao people ! :)